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I have an Edu Account. For how long Prezi will save my presentation/s? If it’s a determined time frame, it’s from the last day updated or the day created? Thanks

@Gary_Rodriguez Your license does not have an expiration date so you are able to access and edit your presentations for as long as you wish!


I am a lecturer at University and I am considering using Prezi for students. What is the monthly or yearly subscription rate?
Another question - if/when the subscription is over, can I use the offline materials, I have created for future presentations?
And a third, final question - can my assistants (2 right now) use my Prezi account/subscription, or they will have some restrictions?

Thanks in advance,

Luben Boyanov

Hello @Luben_Boyanov, we currently offer EDU licenses for 84 USD/year (instead of 228 USD). When the subscription expires you’ll still be able to use all the downloaded presentations as well as the ones in your dashboard.
As these are single user licenses I would suggest your assistants create separate accounts for themselves so that you can add them as collaborators. They do not need to have paid licenses and can create a free account here. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to us.

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Thanks a lot, Sara - you clarified all the issues. Shall get in touch later, or go directly into subscription. Actually, I have one additional question. At the University, I might have some administrative issues/problems (writing requests, explanations, etc) on paying the license by University funds, but I can do it from my personal account. Of course, I shall use the licence only for educational purposes at the University (I can list the disciplines, for which I am the lecturer/professor and I teach those topics, etc, etc). In this respect can I use a EDU license?

Hello @Luben_Boyanov, everybody is eligible for an EDU license who has a valid .edu email address or school ID. If you need further assistance please let us know.

Thanks Sara. Upon taking the final decision, we shall contact you immediately. Very helpful so far! Appreciated!

I’m a teacher at the university and I use the Prezi EDU basic version. Now I’d like to chance to EDU Plus. Payment: Can I pay by bill with the paymant adress oft the university?
Further Question: Is it possible to transfer a existing Prezi Presentation from EDU basic to EDU Plus?

Thank for your answers.

kind regards

Hello @Kathrin_Junker, currently you can only pay for Prezi licenses with PayPal or credi/debit card online. When you upgrade your license your presentations will remain in your account, you will not need to transfer them. In case you’d like to move a presentation to an account registered with a different email address, you can add the second account as a collaborator to the presentation. If you need further assistance feel free to reach out to us, we’ll be happy to help.

Tengo guardada una presentación en mi cuenta gratuita y quiero suscribirme a edu plus para poder presentarla sin conexión. Necesito saber si al suscribirme perderé mi presentación o la mantengo para poder usarla con el plan edu plus.

Hola @Maria_Martin_Sanchez, he adjuntado su comentario a la publicación correspondiente. Si amplia su cuenta actual todas las presentaciones creadas quedaran conectadas a la misma :slight_smile:

Hello, everyone! I’m contemplating purchasing the EDU Plus version of Prezi. For those who use this and are willing to answer these questions, thanks in advance:

  1. Does the EDU Plus allow for only one account holder? Do any team members use a shared department account for this purpose?

  2. To be sure, does the EDU Plus version entail NO Prezi watermark in the videos?

  3. To be sure, are Prezi videos downloadable with the EDU Plus version?

Hello @Andrew_Mobbs, I merged your post with the relevant thread. I will reply to your questions in 3 parts:

  1. The plan EDU Plus is a single user plan, which means it can only be used by one person, and that account shouldn’t be shared. For team accounts, we have Prezi Business, you can check more information about it here;
  2. With the EDU Plus plan you’re able to remove the watermark;
  3. You can download your videos with it.

Hope this could help, and let me know if you have further questions! :slight_smile:


I have a doubt. I’m a teacher and i want to acquire an individual edu licence. The billing information will be mine, but i’m interested in change the data (put school’s data), in order to create a bill for my school. It is possible?


Hello @Pablo_Gargallo_Jaquo, I merged your post with the relevant thread.

You’re able to insert the details of your school as your user information without any problems :slight_smile:

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Hello Prezi Team,
in my Edu Plus Account “Renew now (Jetzt erneuern)” is displayed. I thought the subscription would automatically be renewed for one year. Do I have to do something. I really want to keep prezi. It’s great :heart_eyes:!
Thanks and Greetings :wave:

Hi @Philipp, could you please send me a screenshot of that issue? As far as I see your license is still active as well as your subscription.

Hi Bart,
sure, it is the Desktop App. I post it right here.
Thanks for taking care.


Hi @Philipp, as far as I see you have a running license that will renew automatically.
We’ll look into why you see this banner, but the license should be fine. :slight_smile:

Hi @Bart, alright, thanks for your time. :ok_hand: