EDU Accounts - allow students to upload audio

Greetings! I teach online at a local university, and I have always listed Prezi as one of the options for my students to do their research presentations. However, I require them to have voice-over narration. In the past, this wasn’t a problem. However, now that the standard Edu account doesn’t allow students to upload audio, I am going to have to take Prezi off my list. I actually prefer Prezi and have encouraged students in the past to use it (to avoid death by PowerPoint), but the narration is important in an online-only course. I think it would be very helpful if students and teachers were able to upload audio files without having to purchase a subscription. I can’t do anything about the high cost of textbooks, but I don’t want to require anything that incurs any additional expenses. Hoping you will consider adding audio uploads back to edu accounts.

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Hello @Pamela_Breedlove, the only educational plan which allows to insert audio is the EDU Plus one, but we do understand that it’s a very required feature and it would be useful to have it in the EDU Standard plan. We will make sure to transmit your feedback to the responsible team :slight_smile:

Hi Catarina
I agree with Pamela. I teach Prezi to my grade 6 students. We have always been able to insert music. A primary school certainly cannot afford US$7 per month per student and wouldn’t even consider it. We are trying to teach technology skills, not use this function for some sort of commercial reasons. Looks like it’s back to PowerPoint for my class, which isn’t extending their skill set.

Hello @Dee_Webb, thanks for sharing your feedback with us, as a workaround we can recommend you to create a screen recording of the presentation and add your music to this video afterwards :slight_smile:

Hi Caterina thanks for the tip but I’m not sure how to make a screen recording of a Prezi.

Hello @Dee_Webb, you can make a screencast using one of these tools :slight_smile: