Edu Plus Trial & Subscription

Hi, I am currently on Edu Plus Trial for 7 days testing it whether I should go for the annual subscription.
I do have a few questions since whenever I want to go check my Edu Plus benefits, I can’t seem to find the page. The Pricing Plans and Options webpage only lists basic, individual, and business.

  • Under which category do I fit?
  • Before going through the trial, I have been informed that I will be able to download portable versions of my presentation. Will I still be able to do that when i’m done with trial and subscribed to Edu Plus?
  • Will the trial version of Edu Plus be the EXACT same (regarding “what I get”) when I officially subscribe to it?

*Because of the pricing, I am confused under which category I fit. Since all the other subscriptions that are billed $60/year ($5/month) do NOT seem to be able to download a portable version of the presentation and that is essential for me.

Hi @DSA_ARCH, it is possible that you do not see the Educational tab as your email address is not an EDU address.

The Edu Plus license is the exact same regarding features as the Plus license but for lower price. For this you need to register with your .edu email address that has been provided to you by your educational facility.

The trial version works exactly the same as a full year’s subscription.

Hope this helps!

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