Edu standard account cannot edit images


Dear mr/mrs,

I have an Edu standard account and want to edit images in Prezi Next, however I cannot.
Standard accounts should have access to this feature according to your support page:

So why can’t I edit images?




Hello @Gerard_Veenstra1, I’m sorry for the confusion, please know that the image editor is a paid feature and it is not included in the free Edu Standard subscription.


That’s too bad @Agnes, I used to love Prezi and wanted to get back into it, but this way I can’t. I was willing to overlook not being able to download Prezis, but not cropping images… It’s your choice, but I doubt you’ll make many students enthusiastic for Prezi (NEXT) this way. I’m not going to use old out-of-support software like Prezi classic to get features I need.

I do hope you’ll reconsider this strategy and inform me when you do.


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