Edu Video Privacy license

I want to check the the Edu Video Privacy license is entirely free to have, I don’t have the option to cancel this license, so presume this is because there is no cost to have it?

Hey @Daniel_Spendlove the Edu Video Privacy license is completely free to use and doesn’t have any subscription associated with it, so there’s nothing to cancel :slight_smile:

Feel free to browse our dedicated Prezi Video forum for any questions related to Prezi Video as well. Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m a teacher and signed up for the free 14 day trial – or so I thought. Now trying to see how many days I have left, I saw my account is labelled as Edu video privacy. Of course I tapped I’m a teacher when I signed in etc. Googling I realized teachers may have a unlimited time of the free version. So with that lisence type, do I now have the teacher account, meaning I can use these simple features of prezi for free for unlimited time?


Hey @Mirja_Tapola you’re correct, the Edu Video Privacy license is free to use indefinitely for students and teachers, and gives extra privacy control over your videos compared to the also free Basic license.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Thanks, that’s great!

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