Educational Use Only

Is it legal to use education licence for creating commercial (for profit) prezentations for non educational (by and for non school company) purposes?
Terms of use suggest that paid licence is not the same as educational (even not free) license. And only paid (non educational) license can be used for profit.

There is a mentioned quote from the Terms of use:
“Paid Prezi Accounts. If you are making use of the Service to display or edit Private User Content for profit, you are required to have a paid Prezi account. If you have an educational or paid Prezi account, your user name may be shared by Prezi with others who we think might be interested in you, but you can choose to make your content Public User Content, or Private User Content.”

I am worry if the company that created for me (for profit and non educational purposes) prezi prezentation with Editor that has big announcements: “Editor licensed for educational use only” and “Prezi Edu” violates the Prezi license.