Educators: loss of functionality

I am among the educators that depended on Classic for the work I do with my students. After investing much time in learning and creating a Next template for my students to use,  I Iearned that they can no longer copy my Prezi’s. So I am starting this thread to let fellow educators list all the functionality we have lost with the conversion to Next

  1. No longer able to let others copy my Prezi’s
  2. Can’t figure out how to hide the entire Prezi in a surprise larger picture at the very end.
  3. Loss of the path. Loss of flexibility.
  4. Loss of background music for the free accounts
  5. Can’t import PowerPoints.

I’ll keep making posts as I discover other losses in functionality and I invite others to do so as well. Please let me know if there is a way to do these things that I am unaware of.

Thanks Laurita, started to look at Next recently and i noticed a couple of the things you point out. I am reluctant to lose these features and hence have not yet learnt and adapted to Next. Keep posting and i would be interested to see the point of view of others. Particularly concerned on the future plans for Classic. I aim to keep using it but know change is inevitable. 

One of the biggest changes is from unstructured to very structured. The structure is more like a mind map and it is somewhat forced. It is difficult to deviate from the enforced structure but it can be modified. I am using Prezi Next for my students’ final projects. I cannot provide them with a ready-made template and they will need to start from scratch with Prezi Next templates. They will have 16 topics or subtopics. I will probably use subtopics because topics seem to keep forcing back to the primary node or overview each time, while subtopics seem to permit more linear progression. Still learning. I start setting my students loose on it this week.

  1. Up to my eyeballs assessing final Prezi Next Projects. Students learned Prezi Next very quickly and easily.
  2. Have occasional problems when a student will be adding PDFs and it stops displaying them. Still working on it.
  3. The structure that works best for my particular assignment is a single topic with 16 subtopics. Most of the templates have to be gutted to accomplish this. Students are overwhelmed with templates many of which serve this purpose poorly. A group figured out very quickly to just use a blank template, create the structure and bring in their own background images. This is usually easier than spending time choosing from numerous templates and deleting most of what is in them.