Effortless presenting


Want to take full advantage of our great features? Here are some tips for the best performance in presenting your presentation.


  • Use a strong Internet connection and close programs not in use. Load time depends on your computer’s processing bandwidth and Internet.

  • Watch your use of image and video files. The more files you use and the larger they are, the more time it will take for your presentation to load.

  • Check our system requirements for information on the recommended operating system and RAM.

Preparing for your presentation

  • Download a portable presentation, aka a portable presentation/standalone. These perform better than presenting online or using the desktop application. Export your presentations in both Mac and Window versions and save them on a USB in case you aren’t sure about the venue. Make sure you download the portable presentation onto the computer instead of presenting from the USB for best performance.

  • Disable sleep mode for your computer or mobile device. Check out Caffeine Chrome extension if you’re presenting in the online browser.

  • Load your presentation before you start so it’s cached in your computer. Make sure you wait until the topics and images have all been loaded before your presentation begins. This will give you optimal performance and smoother transitions while you’re presenting.

  • Test the presentation remote. Check how far you can walk and still be able to navigate your presentation.

Presenting with a mobile device

  • Sign in to Prezi Viewer while you have an Internet connection. You must be signed in to the app to access your presentations. If you don’t have the app, you can download it for free.

  • Keep the presentation offline in case you don’t have an Internet connection or it’s unstable.

  • Present using updated devices. For best results, use a device that is no more than 2 years old. Use Android 4.4 KitKat or newer and iOS 9 or higher.

Click here to see the example presentation!