Email or download PDF during presentation


I am including several PDF’s in a Prezi. Each has info that a user might want. Is there a way to either download or email a PDF to the customer right in the middle of a presentation? For example, a PDF for Product A has details that a customer may want. How can that PDF be sent to the customer from Prezi in real time as we are working together?


Prezi Next does not have this capacity within itself but we could offer an alternative workaround.

If you create a text box with the link to the PDF on, for example, Google Drive, then it gives you immediate access to the PDF file during the presentation.

Please find an example here.

I hope it is helpful.


That is pretty slick!




You’re very welcome. I’m glad you find the solution agreeable!


Hello Lana,

I wonder if it it possible to access a PDF file via a Google Drive link while offline?


Hello, @Frigel_North_America. As you would be offline, it would not be possible.