Embed a prezi into several prezi's!

Not sure if this can be done already, but…
I would like to be able to embed one prezi in another. Sort of like the youtube link that shows as an image and when you select (click or next along the path) the embeded prezi begins to function.
The advantage of embedding instead of copy and paste is memory on server. Also, the embeded prezi can be embeded into multiple prezi’s. But to change them all, I would only have to change the embeded one.

ps… with embedding, the pathway is also preserved unlike copy+paste…

Hello Gregory,

Have you tried simply putting a URL at one of your path points? The URL could link directly to the prezi you wish to embed. It will pop up in a new window, covering the old window. You can click through the new window’s prezi. When you finish with the new prezi, simply close that window and you are back into the original prezi, exactly where you left off. This method has the added advantage of allowing you to be in the original prezi and bypass the second prezi simply by not clicking on the URL.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes from a fellow Prezi user.


thanks for the tip. I’ve actually tried that, but it left me unsatisfied.

I am after something entirely different. Imagine a field of prezi made up of different, individual prezi’s. You get the wholesome view of the entire field, but you could pursue each individual prezi path in random oder that is embeded into the main prezi. This way, you can even play around with themes as each embeded prezi would have its own style.

So, I thought it would be good to do the embed thing…

Hi Gregory,

You’re idea sounds like a gallery of prezis. I suggest using the normal embedding function to show several prezis on a website. There is also an older topic a similar idea to yours: http://community.prezi.com/prezi/topi…

Hi Katrin,

Gallery of prezis? Tell me more. Tried searching for it in the manual and nothing came up. Are you talking about the general list of my prezis under “Your Prezis”?

I have to admit that while I see the embed code generator, I really don’t know what to do with it and my website editting skills are not very good. So I would not be able to, for example, zoom into an existing embedded prezi (like one could zoom into an embedded youtube video in prezi).

This is getting quite cumbersome to talk about, as I don’t have the words to distinguish the prezis. Let’s say you have one big Papa Prezi (or the Hyper Prezi–yes the idea is very similar) and 4 little Baby Prezi’s. I would like to be able to start showing the Papa Prezi. In the Papa path, I would like to specify baby prezi 1. Once there, the path follows baby prezi 1 path. When finished with baby prezi 1, the prezi will continue along the Papa Prezi path.

If I also wish to bring up the other three baby prezi’s, I could select them individually in presentation mode. Once selected, individual baby prezi begins following its own independent path.

what do you think?

ps with embed, it may perhaps be possible to zoom even “deeper” into a prezi. no?


Inserting the embed code into your website is really not difficult to do:

  1. Using the Prezi embed code generator, simply copy the code to the clipboard.

  2. Open your web editor (e.g., Frontpage, Dreamweaver, etc.) and in the Design view place the cursor where you want the prezi to be.

  3. In the web editor, switch to HTML Editor view, the cursor will automatically be at the right place among all of the cryptic code you see, and then paste the code from the clipboard into that place.

That’s it. You don’t really need to know much about coding to embed a prezi into a web page. You’re now ready to upload your new web page to the net and your prezi will show as embedded in that page. You can even link to this prezi’s page from another prezi, using the approach that I noted in an earlier reply. (Note: unfortunately, you cannot do a direct embed into another prezi; you can only embed into a web page and then link to it.)

Good luck and best wishes from a fellow Prezi user.

PS: *acted shock* NOOO! There are mathematical zoom limits. We just fixed a bug that caused prezi content to become lost somewhere on the big, wide-open canvas. Infinite zooming is simply not feasible.

About the gallery of Prezis: Yes, http://prezi.com/your/ is an example of that. With the embed codes and relliott’s advice below, it shouldn’t be hard to re-create it. The gallery would then just be a website with several prezis embedded and interact-able individually.

About your suggestion of multiple paths, please have a look at http://community.prezi.com/prezi/topi…. Is that what you are thinking of?


I am going to describe a specific problem for which I need a suitable solution.

I am doing a series of presentations on topics from my doctoral research. Each presentation will contain a description of the methods of data collection, theoretical background, and the overall framework for research.

I would like each of my presentations to contain these sections. I have considered using copy and paste. The problem there is that I loose pathways and any type-o’s I make will propagate through every copy and paste. So, it needs to be a single copy of each prezi (methods prezi, theoretical prezi, etc) that I can edit if I need to.

Linking to each section with an https://prezi…. would sort of work. It just looks very boring and kinda ugly.

Creating a website with embeded sections is ok, but it does not do the dynamic zooming turning, etc that prezi allows. If I could do a website that does all that prezi-like fancy stuff, I wouldn’t be using a prezi in the first place. Prezi is great, and I would like to use the prezi invironment to make this work.

On the other hand: compartmentalisation is has its advantages also: several independent prezis are better protected from glitches due to large file sizes.

YES! This is the point also. I want to be able to build what is essentially a shell of a prezi. Might have 6 or 7 stops on the path and each stop could be one of the smaller prezis that I embed. So a viewer thinks it’s a whole prezi, but in practice it is several smaller prezis embeded into the shell.

Smaller prezis=fewer glitches.

While helpful in being able to include prezi’s into my website (thank you!), this is not what I want for presentation purposes. the actual website that I build will not function like a prezi functions. so, no, that doesn’t satisfy me.

I think its a great idea. Would be even funny: embed prezi 2 into prezi 1. embed prezi 3 into prezi 2. ember prezi 1 into prezi 1. you could zoom infinitely, in case embedded prezis are simply zoomable :slight_smile:

exactly. (see my post to Katrin 4 days ago)

this is a solution for multiple paths, deeper zooming, saving server space (less copy and paste duplication), and probably many more creative ways for using prezi.

cana ny 1 help me embedding one prezi into another??