Embed Gigapan application

Gigapan is a cool web ap that allows the user to explore HUGE photos, because it has a Very similar inter face to Prezi’s it would blend seamlessly if embeded in a prezi.

Of course it would be even better if you could just embed anything!

This would really help to do COLLABORATIVE WHITEBOARDING
In our business we have a number of giant whiteboards (7 meters long and 2.4 meters high). We use these for continual brainstorming / idea formulation.

Sometimes people cannot meet us in person to discuss this work. We skype with them etc. to chat. To help this process I transfer the WHITEBOARD ONTO PREZI

  1. iphone to photograph 5 or 10 areas on whiteboard of interest
  2. Ricoh’s app “Whiteboard Share” to clean up the photos and mail them to myself
  3. import them all to prezi.
  4. create layout much like the original whiteboard (this relatively informal layout helps with innovation)
  5. Collaborate, add comments on-line, share through our social net etc.

So the main requirement is to get large and high res imagery into collaborative viewer.

My ideal is to set up a Pan Tilt Zoom camera in the room and have it scan for a new image every time we trigger it. This technology exists but I cannot find app (see http://cs.unc.edu/~ssinha/Research/mo…)

Gigapan also sell a robotic camera mount for many cameras that could be good - that would end up with a large (50Mbyte or bigger) very high res image of the whiteboard. However this would allow for viewing but not collaboration. Gigapan is very good at providing an image with great zooming capability - just like Prezi does.

Despite the great technology, Gigapan’s target market is for the large panorama super zoom images, and not for a photographic snapshot of someone office wall.
However Prezi’s target market are people who enjoy imagery, presentation, collaboration - kind of like an international whiteboard.

Regards Guy Hooker.

Here’s a link to equivalent whiteboard GigaPan image. It is just a hack together image (obviously) to help show what it would look like)


Regards, Guy

A Further comment - we already have Pan Tilt Zoom Webcams running in meeting rooms to give other the opportunity to view live the collaboration workspaces.
At the moment these just don’t work. They are slow, take ages to zoom in/out, give a poor image (possibly due to poor lighting conditions etc) but I guess the technology will keep improving and the cost will keep dropping.