Embed Live Prezi

Can I embed a Live Prezi in my website as i can embed presentations and videos ?

Hello @Jonatas_Piscirilo, could you please explain us why would you like to embed a Live Prezi?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi Catarina,
Thanks for the reply. We have a signed space on our website where we do a few workshops we would like to embed the live video because we have other content being presented simultaneously. What we would like to do is the same we can make with prezi presentation and Prezi off-line video.
hope this clarifies.

hi Catarina, any thoughts on this topic?

Thanks for the informations @Jonatas_Piscirilo, and in your specific case, what would be the difference between embedding a presentation, or a Live Prezi link?

Please note that Live Prezi is only available with a Plus or higher plan, you can check more details about this here.