Embed Live Web Links

Is there a way to embed a live web link into a Prezi? There is a live world population clock I would like to have running in real time without launching the internet browser.

Dear David,

I am afraid that currently we only support static hyperlinks.

Happy zooming,


Will this be a feature that will be explored soon? It would be nice to have the ability to embed items from other webpages into presentations, which would allow for cleaner presentations and reduce the need to leave the presentation in the middle of it. 

In general, we cannot comment on release dates and such, but with the current technology, it is not likely that we would have this option very soon. There are lots of exciting things boiling under the lid, so I would most definitely say keep waiting… but it won’t happen in a month or two.

Just wondering if this feature has been added yet?

Okay thank you!!

We still have to use Microsoft Powerpoint to view Live Web pages in a presentation?


Jan Willem

One more vote for this feature!

And another.

Hey Patrick, 
I don’t work for Prezi but we work closely with the platform - to answer your core question, Prezi Business is a new software / desktop application. You can check out an example of one of our Prezi Business designs here: https://prezi.com/p/e1p0t1-ezuzz/?toid=lhesblqyvci1gaar

As a designer, the exciting thing to us about Prezi Business is it’s more integration friendly - already they have an integration with Slack and hopefully there will be more integrations coming out soon. In addition, there is a native analytics function that tracks how viewers interact with a presentation you share…pretty powerful! 

Hope that sheds some light on the situation, cheers!


This is a game changer for our company too, we we’re going to use Prezi as we like how it looks but upon discovering the lack of key features we have decided to look for another solution. Specifically in our use case embedded links. This form/forum is also using Java :wink: