Embed Prezi Classic

Hi all,

I used to be able to view the Embed code link for my Prezi Classics when I clicked them, but now it seems that the dashboard has been revamped and when I go to my prezi, it straight away views it in presentation mode with no dashboard underneath.

Is this a change Prezi has made? =/


I have the same problem! Did you have any answer?

Hi @Duy_Nguyen, could you send me the link of one of your presentations so I can check on it?

Hi there, I’m facing the same problem… I tried the instructions on this support page

but the code doesn’t load on my website, saying “prezi refused to load”

My presentation link is

Hi @Marc_Yeo, for me the Embed code can be reached from the Prezi page which I can open with your link.
Could you send me a full screenshot of what are you seeing when you open the link of your presentation?

Hey Bart, thanks for the reply!

I’m using the prezi classic, and I can’t open the presentation (unlike in the old version). Clicking the presentation does nothing, and I can only choose either Present, or Edit.

The three dots give me the following options, which allow me to copy the link, but there’s no embed button!

Also, this is my code I tried using to embed, which isn’t working…


Hi @Marc_Yeo, @Duy_Nguyen, @Voltaire_Michel, please try to open your presentations URL in a Google Chrome incognito window.

You can open an incognito window in Google Chrome by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + N on a Windows PC or CMD + SHIFT + N on a Mac.

Let me know if this helps!

Hi Bart, I’ve tried it and it works! Thank you so much! Wow this is pretty complex just to find an embed button…

Hi @Marc_Yeo, sorry for the inconvenience, as you have edit rights for your own presentation it will open it either in edit or present mode.
The incognito window serves as a 2nd browser session, where you are not logged in so you reach the landing page of your presentation where you can find the embed code.

I have forwarded your feedback to our product team so they can check on further possibilities for this feature. :slight_smile:

Hi Bart!

I followed your orientation and managed to find the embedding code (<>).

However, when I pasted it in my Blackboard plataform for my students, for me e for them appears the following image:

(in Portuguese, it says “The conexion with prezi.com was refused”)

Do you have a answer for this problem?

Many thanks!

Hello @Voltaire_Michel, could you please send us the title of the presentation you trying to embed so we can investigate it?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi Catarina!

Thanks for your prompt answer!

One of them has the title “Orientações para uma boa petição judicial”

Hello @Voltaire_Michel, thank you so much!

I have done several tests with your presentation, and the embed code always worked correctly, as you can see in this video example.

Could you please retry to insert the code and refresh your Blackboard platform? Is it possible that the issue might be connected to the platform?

Hope to hear from you soon :slight_smile: