Embed Tableau dashboard into Prezi

Hi I want to use Prezi to add navigation to my Tableau Server dashboard. Is it possible to embed a tableau dashboard into Prezi, not as an image but in an interactive mode, so all the filters and data updates work without having to exit prezi. Thanks

Hi Natalie,

For animated file we support SWF for the moment http://bit.ly/1by0f8F
you can find all the supported files here: http://bit.ly/1f22XY7

You can find a work around for Tableau but for now is not officially supported.

Kind regards,

Thanks a lot for your help

I would also like to see integration with Tableau!  When I was using Crystal Dashboard, I was exporting dashboards to .swf, but Prezi could not handle anything interactive.  Has that changed?  Should I go back to using Crystal Dashboard?

Please, develop a real Tableau integration in Prezi! It will be very useful! Thank you!

I just tested the .swf import and was able to get a very basic interactive .swf to function in Prezi.  However, anything beyond a single drop-down selection will not import.  Bummer.

I’m still hoping for a Tableau Server window where you can do some slicing and dicing.

I totally agree with Gergo, please let us know when will tableau be added to prezi.

Any progress on this yet?

It looks like they are calling it done with the new rudimentary chart functions in the last update.  I’d rather paste in a snip of a tableau chart than use this.  Zero interaction.

Thanks for the insight. That is pretty disappointing, Tableau is an awesome tool that would work nicely in Prezi presentations. Any other presentation software that utilizes Tableau Greg (other than Power Point and Google Slides)?

Not that I know of.