Embedded Prezis in Canvas iframes not working in Firefox

I teach a college course which uses Canvas as the Learning Management Software. Until last week, I was able to copy code to embed my Prezi classic slideshows within a Canvas page (which uses iframes). Around the same time, my students using Firefox started complaining about not being able to hear the voice-over audios in my Prezi slides. I checked and everything appears to work in Chrome and Edge, but Firefox displays the “simplified” version of the Prezi when its in the Canvas iframe. But, when I go directly to the Prezi site in Firefox, all functionality is available. Any suggestions on how to repair this glitch in Firefox? Will the embed option be coming back?

Thanks, @Sam_the_Duck. I suspected it had something to do with Flash switchover. It’s easy for me to simply use a different browser, but I’d prefer not to force my students to adopt a new browser just for my class. Hopefully a fix can be found sooner rather than later. Cheers!

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