Embedded videos error on mobile devices

Having an issue with videos not loading when trying to watch on phone app. Presentation works fine through online link on my PC. (Just noticed this today for the first time, not sure if new issue or old.)

Hi @Plastic_Ingenuity, thanks for reporting!

Could you please detail a bit more how do you experience the issue? Is this happening with all the videos or with some specific ones?

Is this happening with inserted videos in presentations or Prezi Videos?

It was all videos and just had a generic error message come up instead of playing the videos. I’ll check again on status today- haven’t tried again yet. Inserted videos in presentations.

Hi @Plastic_Ingenuity, thanks for looking into it further!

I’ve tested on my phone and inserted Youtube videos play properly. Did you experience this with uploaded videos? Could you maybe send me an example presentation I can check with?

Today seems to be working better. I logged into the mobile app (I don’t think I was signed in before, I had just clicked on a link to check) and the videos are OK. Probably a glitch on my end then, sorry to trouble you. I’ll keep my eye on things and send you a link if it happens again!

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No worries, thanks for reporting! We’ll keep an eye open for this issue as well. :slight_smile: