Embedded Videos No Longer Playing

Before the latest app update, when the presentation zooms into the video it used to start auto-playing. Now I have to click the little play arrow (which is extremely close to the back button and makes it difficult) before the video will play.

Strangely, videos start playing when I advance to them only if I edit the Prezi first and then click present, but if I go directly into presenting I get the issue shared above.


Hello, @Jared_Rooker. Sorry you have encountered an issue.

Could you please send us a link to the presentation? Also, it would be very helpful if you could add a screenshot of the issue as we haven’t yet been able to reproduce it.

Does it happen with YouTube video or with inserted MP4 videos?


I’m also having this issue in a Prezi with an uploaded MP4 video. It does not play on the Chrome or Edge browsers, but it does play on Firefox. In Chrome, it sits on the video for awhile before it restarts the presentation in the limited function mode. At that point I can only use the arrows at the bottom of the page to advance the presentation. When I get to the part of the Prezi with the video, there is a static page where I would have expected to see the video. After I advance once more time, the video will play, but I still won’t have the full function of the Prezi since it’s still in limited mode.

If you’d like a link to the Prezi, I can send one to you in a direct message or email. It contains internal company information that I’d rather not post on here.

@Brian, I apologize for the inconvenience.

There is currently an issue with Chrome 68, it appears. Our team is looking into it and we’ll make sure to update the thread with any news.

In the meantime, please use Firefox.


Yes I am also experiencing this issue, already spoken to Prezi - hope they can fix this soon as my team have put a lot of work in.

Currently it will not load (getting a warning message) on Chrome, Safari, IE, will load in Firefox. Not ideal as this Prezi will be shared internally across the company, where they use either Chrome or IE only.

@Kieran_Mace. I am very sorry for the inconvenience in connection to this. We are working on it. Also, please note that IE is not officially supported.

@Jared_Rooker, @Brian, @Kieran_Mace. It should work fine now, if that’s not the case, please let us know. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

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@Lana, I was able to successfully play mine on Chrome. Thanks!

@Brian, very glad to hear it!

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Hi, I am having a problem with my youtube videos playing. Up until about a week ago it was working fine and now they will not play. I have a presentation to do on thursday, please help!

Hello, @Kellen_McManus. Sorry to hear you are facing this issue. Could you please send us a link to the presentation?

Hello. @Lana
I have also the same issue with all the youtube videos inserted. Here the link


@Roberto_Ruiz I tested your presentation and the video was playing on our end.
Please try to open the link in a different browser and/or from a different network and make sure there are no firewall/adblock settings blocking the video.

Hi, I inserted a Youtube video in Prezi using Chrome, it doesn’t play. It works in Safari though. Thank you for your help.

Hi @Ru_Si, please make sure there are no firewall settings blocking the software, that might be the reason your video does not play in Chrome.

The Videos in my Prezi do not work when I present my Prezi, only when I am in edit mode. They play only after I edit, but when I just go straight to presenting it, the videos don’t play. I tried Firefox and they do work with Firefox, but I need them to work on Chrome because that is what everyone in my company uses. Thanks.
Here is a link to my Prezi:

Hello @Discovery_Seminar, I tested your presentation in “Present mode” and I was able to reproduce the videos without any issues as you can see in this video.

I would recommend you to try to present it using our old viewer:

Please, let me know if it worked out :slight_smile: