Embedding a Spotify playlist


For musicians, producers it would be very nice if it would be possible to embed the Spotify player with a list of songs which can be played by click. Don’t know whether this is planned …

Add audio files

Thanks for bringing up this request, we’ve taken note and will report it. If we have any news, we’ll post it here.


Cool idea! :sunglasses::notes: Podcasts too! I could definitely see a multitude of job descriptions utilizing if they have a lot of content stored that way.


Hi @Mike_Thielman, could you perhaps give a specific example on how you would use this embedded player? Thanks!


Hi Vera,

My apologies for my late response but this is what I want.

Take a look at my presentation:

I’ve done this by adding mp3 files to the first two slides but as I am an
independent musician (and could you any extra click on spotify for the
money) I’d prefer to have my track at Spotify played.

Second: when I use music for a presentation I don’t have the newest tracks
on mp3 as I have spotify. Could be as background music or to amplify
certain emotions (like commercials use music to create or amplify a
specific environment, mood, emotion, whatever).

Is this something you can work with? I’d be most obliged to help you with
this if Prezi is really interested.

Kind regards,

Mike Thielman


Thanks for clarifying, Mike! I understand how embedding Spotify playlists could help you and also like the idea. If most of our customers would find this feature helpful, we’ll definitely consider implementing it.
Thanks again for the details.