Embedding a Vimeo video on Prezi

Is there a way to include a video Freon Vimeo inside my Prezi the same way I can include. YouTube video? Some older posts indicated that I can just use the “include a YouTube video” function and just use a Vimeo URL but that doesn’t work, returns an error.

Hello @Vitaly_Shter, I am afraid that currently Vimeo is not supported for video insertion, but we really appreciate your feedback and will transmit it to our development team.

Thank you. The strange thing is that it was possible to do via the YouTube insert module not too long ago, so it seems like Prezi intentionally removed that capability for a Vimeo player

Hello @Vitaly_Shter, unfortunately in Prezi Next it’s not possible to insert Vimeo videos, I apologize for any inconvenience.