Embedding video into Prezi Video

I want to record a video with an existing Prezi and it is not playing the embedded youtube videos. Is this not possible?

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Hello @Mae_Bennett, if you reuse a Prezi Next presentation the embedded videos won’t play and for now we are not planning to play embedded videos with Prezi Video, but we will forward your feedback to the responsible team :slight_smile:


the title seems strange, but it´s a big problem for me. I´ve created a prezi presentation.
Inside this presentation I´ve added a video and it´s working fine there.

As soon as I want to upload my prezi-presentation to a prezi-video (which is working correctly) and want to record a prezi-video about the desktop client, the video won´t start inside the presentation. I tried it also online but is not working. Do you have any idea what could be the problem?

To sum up: a video (from a prezi presentation) inside a (prezi) video doesn´t work right now

Thanks a lot!

Hey @Bjorn_Herges, I’ve merged your request to the relevant thread. Currently it’s not possible to embed videos into a Prezi Video presentation, however your request has been forwarded to our development team :slight_smile:

Well, I think it is a big problem. I use Prezi for lectures and wanted to be able to record a lecture using my PREZI NEXT with the embedded u-tube videos. If I am unable to do this, I will have to switch over to another platform.



Prezi Video is great, but I am really disappointed that it’s not possible to play embedded videos during a Prezi Video presentation.

I’ve read this function was not available. Has this changed already and is it already possible to do so? Or when do you expect that this becomes available?


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Hey everyone, we’re happy to say that this feature is on our roadmap and is going to be available soon - we don’t have an exact release date available at the moment, but we will keep you posted!


Thank you!! This will greatly improve how we use Prezi!


hello, I followed all the tips in the community,

but my embedded youtube videos are not playing at all.

youtube played well in presentation, but while recording it does not work at all.

even in incognito version.

please help

Hi @yujin_shin, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic. Embedded videos are not playing in Prezi video at the moment, unfortunately.

Hi There,

aweose community feature! This is just the query i had!

With the covid 19 lockdow craze and teaching young learners online we NEED to find ways to make engaging online lessons where we can have face to face visuals (prezi allows this), powerpoint content to be displayed (prezi allows this) but also be able to play embedded Youtube or other videos within the PREZI VIDEO for more engagement in the class… Please tell me this is something that can be worked on ASAP!


Adding this feature will enhance the Prezi Video experience! With everyone working from home during Covid, might want to bump this up in the que. Thank you!!!


HI, is it possible now to upload our own video?

Hey @angelo_morano it’s not yet possible however this is a feature that will be available later on :slight_smile:

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Hey [Samuel_Haasz] when you say “this feature will be available later on :slightly_smiling_face:” can you be more specific on the timeframe? I need to incorporate running machines into my presentation and need the video feature real soon now that we are all stuck at home :expressionless:.

Hi @Scott_Lydell unfortunately we cannot give an estimated time at the moment as each department has different pipelines for their projects. We’ll give updates as soon as we have any :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to this option, this will make a big difference in presenting classes, a lot of the content are video’s!


Is it possible to Create a video in another programme (iPad/film footage) and import it into Prezi?

  • Can I import video and EDIT in Prezi (It seems from the comments you can only trim either the beginning or the end)

I want to take a two hour presentation we created, which had a speaker, and shorten it, and then add it to the already created PREZI slides that we used on the day.

Thanks, Jo

Hello @Joanne_Hurlock, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Currently it’s still not possible to embed videos in Prezi Video, but this feature will be available soon :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, as a workaround, I can recommend you to download the Prezi Video itself and you can add the other videos using an external editor.

Hope this could help!

Thanks Caterina, and thanks for putting it in the relevant thread. I did do some comprehensive searches for the thread but couldn’t
find it ~ sorry!

I like your idea though, I might give that a try. Thanks



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