Enable 'Pinch to zoom' on Touchscreen/Tablet PCs


Hi Prezi Next Team,

Using Prezi on Android & iOS tablets, it’s possible to pinch-zoom in and out of the Prezi (Classic & Next). This works great in Classic - zooming to a specific details or parts of an swf image, and brilliantly on Next; to instantly move in & out of Topics and content. Zooming is what makes Prezi what it is!

Trying the same on a Touchscreen PC does not work though, (whether using online or Portable Prezi version). It would be great if the feature can be added in, to bring the experience up to parity with the Apps capability.

Just one example of where this is useful: Presenting in a conversational way, the presenter is using her tablet PC, guiding the customer through their product offering. Within the Prezi is a product specification PDF (of the type that would normally be printed). The presenter reaches this section but is unable to (easily) zoom in to show some key info from the PDF - Using the additional Zoom/Home controls that are on the right edge (Prezi Portable) is not very intuitive or smooth.




Thank you very much for your comments and feedback.

At the moment, pinch-zooming is not fully supported on a touchscreen PC.

We apologize if it is causing any inconvenience. I can pass your request to our product team to make sure that they are aware that users are requesting the ability to work on a hybrid device, such as a touchscreen PC.