Ending free trial


Hi, I need to export some of my Prezi’s to PDF for my work. Is it possible to sign up for a Free Trial, download my Prezi’s and return to my free account immediately? Thank you in advance!


@Laura_van_den_Vrijho If you have a free Basic account, you can sign up for a 7 day free trial for any paying license type.

If you cancel immediately, you will still be able to use the trial license for a week but you will not be charged at the end of the trial period and you can downgrade back to a Basic license.

I hope this information helps!


Yes, thank you very much!


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Hi there, I’ve started my free trial on Jun17 at 20pm, and i’ve received the payment confirmation today June 24 at 10am. basically the free trial week hasnt’s expired, so i deleted the upgrade. how do i know that i won’t have to pay? under user/setting/license?
thank you


@Giulia_Locci your subscription has been canceled and your refund has been processed. Your card will not be charged again in the future.