Equations, Please!

I used Prezi in college and now I use it for work. I love it, but it has always irked me that Prezi is not very equation friendly. It desperately needs something like Equation Editor (but more user-friendly). Being able to write in equations on touch-screen devices (iPad via Stylus, for example) would be really cool and convenient.

Hi Samantha Swerdfeger,

sounds like a good idea - I will add it to the user request list and maybe our developers can come up with sometihng in the near future?



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Me too! Me too! I was very excited to learn about Prezi, until I started trying to write my lecture presentations for physics. Without an equation editor, Prezi is useless to me. I don’t have time to create it in word, then change to pdf, then import image on EVERY slide. Please let me know when you add it so I can come back and use this cool product :slight_smile:

Perhaps the best bet at the moment wold be to use something like http://s1.daumcdn.net/editor/fp/servi…
to do the equations then paste the jpg into prezi. People have been asking for this functionality for years, see threads on adding special characters, greek letters etc.

Hi misters and misses Prezi developers,
I agree that Prezi is highly unpractical for engineers and the like as long as no equation editor is implemented. I gave it a couple of tries, but the additional effort of transforming equations to images and subsequent importing/updating is simply too large. I will definitely start using Prezi again once an equation editor has been implemented!

im so confused I have no idea how to use exponents on prezi

thank you very much for your answer but i can’t selecte INSERT