Error 404 for Prezi Classic after upgrading account to Enjoy Plan


I just upgraded my Prezi Classic account to Enjoy plan($12 a month) from the Free plan to be able to upload more images and videos for my upcoming presentation(4 GB instead of 100 MB). After doing so and getting charged I could not edit my presentation at all. Error 404/Lost in Space appears on the page when I click to edit the presentation. Please help as I have an important presentation this next weekend. I could not create a new presentation either as the Error 404 also keeps popping up.



Hello @Richard_Saldana, I have tested out your account and was able to edit the presentations on my computer (using Chrome). Can you please try opening Prezi in a different browser as well as logging out and back into your account? Also, do you experience this problem when trying to edit one specific presentation or all of your presentations?



Hi Sara.

Thanks for your reply.

I use Google Chrome as well when accessing Prezi. I just tried it now and I still could not edit any of my presentations in Classic. Also, I still could not create a new presentation. The present feature works great though. I have started a new presentation in Prezi Next and I am getting to like the new Prezi. Can you move over the subscription I paid for Prezi Classic over to Prezi next so I can finish my presentation?






Hello @Richard_Saldana , can you please send me a screencast of what you see exactly when you try to edit your presentations? Everything seems to be fine with your account. Also can you please try opening Prezi in an incognito window? In case a firewall or another security software is blocking your access this should solve the problem.

It is not possible to migrate presentations from one platform to the other unfortunately. Prezi Next is the latest generation of our presentation platform, built on HTML5 technology, while Prezi Classic is the previous version of Prezi, that runs on the Adobe Flash platform. With your current subscription you have access to Prezi Next for free.