Error 404 in Prezi Classic

Yesterday, I created two presentations but none of them work.
I can see the contents, I can edit them but when I press the botton “PRESENT”, it opens a new page and it says “Error 404”.
I don’t know what to do because I need to add this presentation in a blog but I can’t!!!
Thank you.


Same here!

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But it is not general, because some friends can create new presentations and they do not have any problem! I hope they can solve it soon, because I need it!!!

I hope so too because I make my Prezis available for my pupils.

I have the same problem.

For me too, the same problem…

I have the same problem.

Hello, I am having the same issues with 404 Lost in Space when I try to download my presentation. If anyone can help, I will be very happy!

This is the link:

I also have the same issue. I just finished making a presentation but as I was about to download, a page shows that my presentation is “Lost in Space”. But when I try downloading my old presentations, it works perfectly fine. My privacy is set to public so I have no idea why it doesn’t work. I can’t even have it in Present Mode.

The website that I was putting it on was a Blogger - all I had to do was copy and paste the link I received from Prezi into my blog.

I’m wondering if this has anything to do with the video of myself teaching that I uploaded to my Prezi? It seems like it worked before I did that. I even went back in, added the video to YouTube, then put the YouTube video into my Prezi instead to see if it was a privacy or compatibility issue. Same 404 results.

I recently made another Prezi for my class that did not contain a video and everyone can open it fine. I sure hope that you guys can figure this out! =)


Hi i use the free version of prezi classic and I have the same issue and can’t find a way to fix it. All my old “share” links work fine.

example (not working):
example (working) :

Thanks in advance!

PS: @Jen_Gilsdorf each of your links work fine for me.

Exact same issue for me. See my only presentation. The link shows a 404 page… I really need to “edit” the presentation in order to see it (or present it)

I have the same problem as you guys. Link to prezi:

Please do something with it…

Same here. I made a Prezi of a lecture for my online class, and though I can edit, it gives me the 404 error when I try to present. I’ve tried to access it in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Please help!

I’m having the same problem. Really need my students to be able to access the prezi and need to be able to use it in present mode to play videos. Thinking that I may need to switch to powerpoint next week.

Same here. Please help!

Same problem here.

The links from Jen_Gilsdorf (10 days ago) are working fine here.

All the other links on this thread are giving me 404.

All my older prezis are working fine. but all the new ones are giving me 404, both for me or for other people.

My link is this and the privacity setting is set to public.

My presentation is now opening, but the presentation itself is crashed and do not progress from frame to frame. It’s froze on a white screen, but the preview showed my background correctly…

So, a little progres i guess? i’ll wait a bit more.

All other links on this page are still giving me 404.

Same problem here, only for new presentations and on Prezi Classic. I noticed on Friday and posted a request then, but no reply yet. Do not have the time to create a new presentation in Powerpoint and it is now urgently needed to be circulated to students to help them prepare for a test. Have tried portable prezi, but too heavy to be embedded in VLE and seems to require changes to the system that IT cannot provide on our PCs right now.


I receive a 404 lost in space error for my Prezi:

I can present in edit but the Youtube videos do not play

Thank you


I’ve worked out a workaround:

  1. Create a frame for all my prezi contents and then add this to my favourites
  2. Open an existing prezi (it doesn’t work when creating a new Prezi)
  3. Add the frame from favourites. All the inside content will be added
  4. Add the paths
  5. Exit. This can now be presented and the youtube links work