Error 404 in Prezi Classic

Hi There,

Have just created a new presentation in Prezi Classic but both the viewing page and the sharing link return a 404 error page. I have no problems with presentations I created a few weeks ago. I have tried both with Safari and Chrome. Am using a Mac right now. Pleas help!

I am able to use my Prezi Classic presentations, but when I try to edit them, they can no longer be presented. I just receive a 404 page.

Can anyone please tell me why? Thanks!

Almost same problem here - I can edit my Prezis (Classic) and present them while editing, but when I click on “present” error 404 appears. Can anyone solve this problem?

I am having the same problem as well. I have tried multiple browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer). I have the presentation hidden but users with the link can access it so sharing isn’t the issue.

Almost the same, I can edit but not to present or share - “404 lost in space”
for example

HUGE problem…

Same problem here for me. This seems very widespread. Looking forward to hearing some info that will help with this. I would like to be able to present my teaching materials to my classes this week…

I have e-mailed Prezi support, and they asked for further details. I have not heard anything since.

It might help if all of us send an e-mail - I too would like to be able to present to my classes this week!

Same here… It seems to have been happening to all my presentations as of Friday

I am able to edit a presentation but when i try to present i get a 404 error. any thoughts?

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I’m having the same issues here. Today I made 2 prezis: One functions normally but the second one and last one I made: lost in space 404.
There are no differences in the privacy and sharing mode, I didn’t update my computer during my work, didn’t change computers.
I can edit the prezis but that’s about it. I am not able to retrieve and imbedded code to put it on my ‘wikiwijs’ page nor am I able to use the ‘copy link’. I have a normal account for prezi classic in the edu programme.
What is happening?

The same here!
I can edit the prezi, but I can not present it! I have a normal account for prezi classic in the EDU Programm too!

I’ve got the same problem :frowning:


When I am trying to share a prezi they won´t work. I just get an 404 error message.

Prezi staff: I see that this is a continuing issue, what to do?


Hello everyone, we merged all the related threads so we can inform you at once. We’re aware of this issue & are working on the fix. Sorry for any inconvenience. Please follow the updates here:

Hi, I created a presentation on one computer, but when I log onto another computer in my Prezi account, it say I don’t have any. Yet when I go back to the first computer it is there. I even emailed myself a link that works in the old computer but when I do it in the new one I get the 404 message. They are both school computers and Prezi is used by the students often to do presentations so I don’t know what’s happening.
Here’s the link:


Hello @LARA_ELIZABETH_SIMPS, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Please check the reply above:

Hello everyone, the issue is resolved now and everything’s up and running as usual. Thanks for your patience. FYI, our status page is at

Huray! It works again. I am so glad. Thanks!

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