Error creating downloadable prezi

When trying to download I get a consistent error message:
“Error creating downloadable prezi.
Please try again later”

It seems we have problems with prezis that’s name starts with hebrew characters. Sorry for the inconvenience, we’ll fix this problem early next week.


We fixed the bug, could you please try again?


I have the same problem:

“Error creating downloadable prezi.
Please try again later.”…

Please help.



It seems that one of the images in your presentation was missing. I deleted the reference from the prezi, now you should be able to download it. If that image was important, please try to upload it again.

Normally things like this should never happen, so you probably ran on a bug. How did you upload the picture? What browser did you use? Did you upload the prezi from the desktop editor?


Thank you Gabor. It works perfectly.

I used Mozilla Firefox and worked with the prezi online.

I can’t find the image you erased, if you tell me wich one was, I could help you with more information.


Error creating downloadable prezi
I love when you could solve this problem.

Kind regards,


I have the same problem.
please help.…

Me too.

me too…
please help