Error message during payment for upgrade

Hello everyone,
I recently became a teacher and yesterday I tried to upgrade my account from Edu Basic (I was a student) to Edu Plus. I registered my official e-mail address provided by the Rector’s office, and confirmed it.

Still, when I choose a payment option and validate it I got the same error message every time: “an error has occurred”.

What can I do? I tried several times, with different payment options, etc.

My students and I really need it (or less my presentations will remain dull and boring)

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This has been happening since (I think) yesterday. I’ve tried multiple times in multiple ways, as well as two others in this forum. Seems to be a bug on Prezi’s behalf. Hopefully they fix it soon, my classes start Tuesday!

I have the same problem too when I tried to pay for the upgrade to EDU plus. It seems that Prezi wants to have a proof of our occupation but I cannot find any place I can attach a certificate etc.

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Do you think that’s the issue then? Alright, maybe someone from Prezi will help us tomorrow…
The problem is I didn’t read anything about “providing proof of teaching” anywhere on this forum.
I thought that an academic email address would have been enough…

Í tried 3 different credit cards and 2 different paypal accounts and my request doesn´t get approved. I want to upgrade and prezi doesnt let me do it. I need help but basic plan doesnt offer support. I called to the billing support and they hang off 3 times without talking to me. I´m in a limbo.

Same here, I tried several times, but the same error message keep popping up… Maybe the servers have a technical issue right now?

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Same here. I’ve tried different methods of payment, different browsers, different devices, everything. It seems clear this is on Prezi’s end, but we ironically can’t contact them until we upgrade…

I hope they check these and resolve the bug soon!!

Yeah I hope so, I really need Prezi working for this week

Same problem here. Trying to upgrade to an Edu plus and get this message " Something went wrong. Your request could not be processed."
I am using a debit card, since i dont have a credit one.

Hi everyone! I’ve merged all the related questions regarding this issue in this thread.
We are investigating what has happened and will update you as soon as possible!


I have the same problem. I urgently need the software

Hello Everyone, we are sorry for the issue you had to face.

It seems like the problem has been resolved, could you try to upgrade your license one more time?

Let me know how it goes!

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Alright, the payment has gone through this time! It seems fixed, I have access to all Edu Plus functionalities. Thanks a lot!

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