Error Message "Oh Dear. An error occurred, please quit the application and restart."

Error Message “An error occurred, please quit the application and restart.” Im trying to install the desktop app on my iMac, every time I go to open the software i’m getting the same error - I have a pro account, does anyone know way this is happening?

I did all steps but it did’t work. 
I still see this error while starting Prezi
Please help me with this

The error is this:  “Oh dear,  An error occurred, please quit the application and restart.”

I almost tried every solution (including above said solutions) but it still does not work.
Operation System: Windows 7


As I said before, I tried all these solutions but it dose not work

I’m getting the same error and I tried all of above solution, they didn’t worked for me too. please help. My OS is 8.1 Pro and I had Prezi before on it but now (after a new installation) I receive this message after I login to app.

Trying to work w/ Prezi for Win/Mac (EDU-Pro) on Apple MacBook Air, OS X 10.7.5, both Prezi and MacOS perfectly updated, firewalls shut down, cookies deleted, system rebooted after download.

After typing in e-Mail-address and password during login process, it says “licensing data verification”, then “downloading font (97 out of 97)”  and then  “Oh dear, an error occured, pls quit application and restart”. No error id or something.

When starting Prezi as Administrator, everything works fine.
The given hint to delete the local store is not working, due to no document on my system named com.prezi…

I dont want to be logged in as Admin permanently.
What to do?

Dear Behzad
is your problem solved? I have the same problem, 
and dear Vear, are you suspend Prezi program to Iranian users?


Hi Vera

Many thanx for your quick reply.
I have same problem as Behzad told you, when I try to log in the Prezi sofware, this massages shows and I can’t do anything:
“Oh dear,  An error occurred, please quit the application and restart.”
I tried all above solutions but it dose not work.
My OS is windows 7 (64bit)