Error message on Windows 8.1 when opening a portable prezi: "Acces denied"

I downloaded my prezi presentation. When I open it, it starts loading untill it’s 100 procent and then an error-window pops up:

Error during execution “.\prezi.exe”.
Acces Denied. 

I have the newest Flash version, DirectX 9 and proper graphics card and windows 8.1. I tried using a smaller title, I tried removing all the pictures and videos and it still doesnt work. 

Sometimes when I’m editing the presentation it show a red screen. Maybe this has something to do with it? 

Please help me because I’m need my presentation tomorrow!

Hello Kris,

Thanks for your question. I’m sorry the about the failure. Do you have a pro or free account? You have a desktop computer without restrictions of a school or company? Have you downloaded the Prezi while using a browser and which browser?

Hope to help,


Eko Kooistra from Holland 

hey i am trying to open my downloaded prezi but it says the same that prezi.exe access denied using the above method using 7zip makes the presentation laggy plzz help  here is the link of that presentation please help me soon