Error message regarding saving a copy and internet connection

When I try to save a copy of my prezi I keep getting an error message saying there is an internet connection problem.  I have restarted my computer and there is no connection problem.

Hi Vera,

I am having the same issue. Is there something I can be doing or should I share the link also?

Hi Vera,

I am having the same issue. Is there something I can be doing or should I share the link also?

Hi Vera,

I am having the same issue. I keep getting this:

I am trying to use an existing presentation and edit is for a different presentation/audience without having to “favorite” every frame and starting from scratch. Help? Thanks!


I am still getting the same Error Message response.  I have restarted my computer, used different search engines to power up Prezis and disconnected/reconnected my internet source.  Any solutions?  I have an upcoming presentation and this is very important to me.  Thank You,  Antoinette Biegaj

I hace the same problem.

How can i see if its private or hidden?

I have used the same prezi a long time now, but the problems started a week ago.

I seem to be having a similar problem? My Prezi all the sudden stopped saving. I have a big presentation due tomorrow that is worth 30% of my grade, and it all didn’t save. I’ve tried starting again a few times, but it is having a problem connecting to the internet? Please send help asap if you can.

Technical details:id: 115 the reason is: 1530 
My Internet connection is great. Please help?

I have the same problem, reason 1530. This is the link to my Prezi

Me too - the same problem and a bigger presentation tomorrow. I ́ve been trying Mac with Safari och Chrome, PC with Internet Explorer and the prezi saves a little bit, but after a while they  repeat the same message, as above, and suddenly they go dizzy. What ́s the problem?

Having the exact same problem! Never had this issue before. I tried making a copy of another prezi and got the same error.

I have two presentations for a new job starting tomorrow and
I can neither copy nor download the prezis I am currently working on
nor can I do this even with older prezis that I definitely was able to copy/ download before.

Same problem. Tried the copy option and it didn’t work. Seems to basically be a problem with saving the amended Prezi

Same problem here as well! There must be something wrong on the Prezi end. I also have a big project due and would greatly appreciate any help on how to resolve this issue. 

i have the same issue. My assignment is due tomorrow and i want to finish it. Fix the issue please! 

Hi there. I am still having this Problem with copy my Prezi. On my Account - it is not fixed and still a Problem. So - when do you think you will solve this Problem - cause i have a Big Presentation with major Clients as well…sorry. its urgent. Thx.

I have a hard time saving a copy of prezis shared with me. They are hidden but shared with me through my email address. I do not have an edu email address and can not figure out how to save a copy. please help me. 

Hi, I am having problems with this on my account too. Any luck with a solution? Many thanks

I created a Prezi originally with a Pro Account, and when my company was discontinuing their Pro License, I got helpful steps from the Prezi team in how to keep my work as I transition to a Public account. I changed the account several months ago, and since then I have made several different versions of the original Prezi by making duplicates with no problem at all. This last week, my latest prezi (made since my account became public) has changed to “hidden” and I can’t make a duplicate anymore. An error message appears if I try to change the privacy settings.  How can I fix this? I need to make a shorter version of my existing Prezi for a different audience, but I don’t want to lose the longer version! Thank you. 

I am having this issue as well, with error 1530. I upgraded my account in case it was the private/public issue and it is still an issue. I have used multiple browsers, restarted my computer, have lost multiple prezis and now have a paid account I can’t use. Please help.