Error when starting a portable presentation on Windows XP

Hello everyone,

i downloaded a Prezi to present it offline without any other program.
One year ago I did the same with a simmilar presentation and it worked.
But now the Prezi-Software seems to be different, because my computer can’t start it.

When I extract the downloaded .zip-file and start Prezi.exe, a loading screen appears. After it loaded to 100%, this error-message appears:

It says
Error during execution “.\prezi.exe”.
.\prezi.exe is no valid Win32-application.

What should I do now?
Why is the presentation from 1 year ago working, but the new one isn’t?

I am excited to read your answers!
Thank you in advance!

Thank you for your answer!
You are right.
I am using Windows XP.

The problem is just, that upgrading my operating system isn’t so easy.
I would have to upgrade to a linux distribution.
And as fas as I know, Prezi doesn’t work on linux either.

So I am not able to present Prezi offline anymore… :frowning:


I have the same problem but I have Windows 8.1. Can you help me?