Explore & reuse other prezis

I love to see what other people are doing with Prezi. In Prezi Classic, you can use Explore to find discoverable prezis and copy them if they are marked reusable. Is there a way to search within Prezi Next?


Currently, it’s not possible to search Prezi Next presentations but we agree that this was a very useful feature of Prezi Classic. We’ll forward your feedback to our Product Managers!

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I think Prezi has moved away from its tenet of “sharing ideas” by not allowing users to search for presentations to copy and reuse.


How do I download other people’s prezis or even see them?

It’s currently not possible to browse other people’s presentations in Prezi Next, I’m afraid.

Exactly :frowning:


I loved how in Prezi Classic, I could go and find other usable templates to copy and use from the general public. Is there an option to do this in Prezi Next as well? I love some of templates Prezi Next has to offer but, like to browse others. Thanks!


Prezi Classic had the option to set presentations public and reusable so people could click the Make a Copy button. I hope this feature will also come soon to Prezi Next? Thanks!


We know many users miss this feature, we’ll put this request in our reports to the Product Managers.

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Yes! I’d like to be able to let other people “clone” my prezi and edit it for their own use. Thanks!

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I really miss the Explore feature of Prezi Classic. Fortunately, there are lots of good templates to search through in Prezi Next.

You might not realize that you can use keywords to search through the templates. Read my blog article for more: Explore Other Prezis


Those who can collaborate in a prezi can also copy it, so to make your template privately “reusable” you can grant collaborator rights tou your prezi on individual basis, but instruct others not to edit it, just to copy it to themselves. I’m just making a template that follows our organisation’s visual guidelines and sharing it to others using this method. It’s hardly ideal though, since anyone can now accidentally mess up the master template, so I will have to keep a backup and restore from it wehn needed. Prezi Next really needs a proper Allow reuse option similar to Prezi Classic.

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@Jere_Majava - good advice. I have come up with the same thing for sharing “reusable templates” in my Prezi courses. I add the students as collaborators and instruct them to make a copy for themselves so they don’t mess up the shared copy for everyone else. I put a HUGE warning label across the overview so they can even see it on the thumbnail. See the image below - they can’t miss it!

warning label on template


@Robin_Pierman, @Jere_Majava, thank you for a detailed description of the workaround.

We too find the Explore page very useful and we have already notified our product managers that it is very missed.

@Lana - Why is it that Prezi Next presentations are not indexed by Google?

They are public and discoverable but indexation has not been implemented yet.

Is there any further information about this?

@Ian_Singleton it’s not on our short-term roadmap, I’m afraid, but we’ll post any updates in this thread!

Hello ! finally, did you find a solution to make the prezi reusable?

@Thomas this feature is still not available in Prezi Next, I’m afraid.