Export failed


I am using Prezi Next app, I tried to export/download my presentations to my computer and although it says the export is done successfully, it when I click to opet the exported presentation it does not want to open, there is just blank window… I tried with different presentations and more than once, but every time the same problem… My Prezi Next licence is valid until 28 December 2019 so I don’t get why I have troubles exporting the files…

Hope to get your answer soon.


Hello @Kouklitsa
I have tried the export on your account and it seems to be working fine. Could you send me a full screenshot of the issue?

Are you working in Windows or Mac OS?

Unfortunately, I can’t. I have tried but it cannot be shot. I am working in Windows. When I pick the presentation and go to button “export” the presentation is downloaded to my computer but when I try to open it, even though it’s 100% loaded, I can’t see the presentation but a white window only. After 5 seconds, the window closes down itself. That is why I can’t make a screenshot neither.
What program do I need in order to open and watch downloaded presentation (if I need any besides the installation of Prezi Next app)?