Export (or print) the presentation to a real pdf (vector graphics file)

Unfortunately the PDF file that is created in the print option, creates a PDF file that is not a vector graphics file (but images in a PDF file).

It would be very helpful to be able to export the Prezi presentations into a real (vector graphics) PDF file.
It will enable a better and wider options for:

  • commenting and making corrections (for example by a reviewer)
  • printing in various modes without losing quality
    and more.

Please consider this feature.

Hi Jenny,
Thanks for the idea. We will consider it.

This is a fantastic idea. People are able to read remarkably small things on paper, making a print out of a Prezi great for providing both an overview of your presentation and some of the detail - especially if you print it large. It would be quite easy to design a Prezi that works as a presentation and a useful handout on, say A3, but currently the low-res output makes this hard.

I’ve found various request for a similar feature on this forum, many people requesting for the possibility of printing big size posters and creating high def pdfs. I think this should be a minimum feature prezi should include. I pay $59 a year for the edu pro license, but am disappointed the value I get for the money. For only $40 dollars I have a unlimited edu license on the full MS Office suite, so if Prezi wants to beat its competitions, it should starting to offer value for the money by starting to quickly implement the many suggestions done on this forum!

We hear you, but our development resources are unfortunately limited. Every suggestion gets on the list, but of course we have to weigh the requests based on the popularity and against our own plans.

I agree. To print the home view of a prezi as a vector would give my clients so much more freedom to explore the content without the barrier of being a prezi user - as most aren’t (accounts & such!)

Agreed, this would be a great addition. We’ve had to manually screenshot separate parts of the prezi, and combine them into a PDF doc to be used as hand outs/ notes to accompany the presentations. It would have been so much easier if we were able to of just export out the prezi into a PDF document for print out.

It would be THE buy-reason for many people to present comfortable their thoughts.

It would be great to be able to use Prezi as a workshop mapping tool to create rich content and print to wallpapers.

same here, really need this feature