Export Page Range and Spellcheck


First off, I would like to say that I am a new Prezi user and only have experience with Prezi Next. I am an educator, and overall, I find Prezi far superior to other presentation programs; being able to move around a presentation non-linearly, connecting ideas/topics visually, and not to mention the aesthetic, are all aspects that appeal to me. I am willing to overlook some of the faults: eating up CPU, graphics randomly missing, and unwanted copies made of my presentation, but I’ve found two features sorely missing that make my day-to-day usage of the program frustrating.

The first is the lack of an option to specify which pages are exported to PDF. Almost every day I export my presentation and upload a selection of the PDF online for my students to download. I use PDF because most of my students don’t have a Prezi account; also I want to only upload the presentation content covered that day. Since I am continually adding sections and content to my “chapter” presentations, and because Prezi exports all pages in a presentation, every time I export to PDF the files are larger, taking more time, and I have to spend more time deleting all irrelevant pages to that day’s lesson upload. I would appreciate an option to select the page range for exports for quicker and easier editing. I could just make different presentations for every lesson, but that would ruin the appeal of Prezi’s easy access to content anytime during a presentation.

Another issue I have is with the lack of a spellchecker. Due to my busy schedule I usually only have enough time to give a presentation a once-over look before the students start streaming into the class. After teaching five periods in a day, my mind is not the sharpest and I do make mistakes when making content for the next day’s lesson.

Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestions. I am happy Prezi user, but these additions would make my life, and hopefully the lives of other educators, a lot easier.

If these features are included in Prezi and I am just over-looking them, please let me know.


I’d like to add that I would find a PDF page choice option for exporting very useful as well.

I believe there is an older thread (maybe even my own post? :thinking:) in regards to the exported PDF pages and the option to toggle page #s on/off. Ultimately, choosing which pages to export beforehand would serve (me) a similar purpose, and more efficiently as well. I’d LOVE to see this request reviewed & considered.

I, too, export PDFs and when I do it creates a separate page for each animation, and agreeing with @moakley above, it can become cumbersome to weed through what’s really relevant. I end up deleting pages in my Adobe Acrobat (and then the page #s are weird, to go back to where I started). Even without the page # concern, it’s an extra step that would be amazing to see integrated into Prezi instead, for a much smoother workflow!


Thank you for such detailed and constructive feedback, @moakley.

I understand completely how PDF page choice option could be useful for users like you and @Plastic_Ingenuity, and I will make sure to pass it on to our Product Managers.

As you might now, we do already have an ongoing conversation here about the spell check, and that feedback has already been forwarded by us. We are considering the implementation of this feature and we will post any news on the subject in the thread.