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Is there anyway I can convert or record my press as a video?

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Exporting a presentation in video format is not a Prezi feature.

As a workaround, you can convert your presentation into a video via screencasting. There are a lot of different screen recording software packages available. We’ve had good experiences with Camtasia, and QuickTime on Macs, but any other software should do the job as well.

With any screen recording software you choose, you will probably be able to record either your entire screen or just a pre-defined area. Choose the option that suits your needs best. Then, record your presentation while clicking through it at the desired speed. If your software supports simultaneous audio recording, you can also include your narration or comments in your video.

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Your solution is all well and good if you are the one presenting and know that you have to click the back button and muck around with the different sub topics. I need to prepare a presentation that someone else will be presenting. Is there a way of creating a customised automated presentation so that it plays the way you intend it to?


@Charmaine_Edmonds Currently the only method we can suggest is creating a screencast of the presentation, that way the presenter only needs to push the play button of the video and then everything else goes automatically. Please see my answer above for tips on how to do this.


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I need help! I’ve been trying to figure out how to play my prezi presentation on my smart tv. I googled how to convert it to a video but it seems like the only way is to record my presentation so it can become a video file. Is this the only way? I would love if there was an easier way!
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You will need to use a third party program such as Camtasia and record the speed that you want for the video.


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I would love to create a Prezi, and save it as a self-running movie that I could loop on TV screens in our Welcome Center (from a flash drive). I know I can export and make a self-playing application, but is it possible to export it as a .mov or .mpv file?



Hello, @Jim_Cowan, I have merged your question into the relevant thread. Please see this answer:


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I’ve had good luck with OBS Studio too! I think OBS came up as a suggestion on another thread, so I looked into it; worked well for what I was hoping to accomplish.


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Use Omnirenders prezi to video conversion service.
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I would have liked to know if it was possible to export a Prezi project in .MP4 format. If possible, from which subscription is it possible? Standard / Plus / Premium?



Hi @Alicia_Convergence, I merged your question into the relevant thread, please see the recommended workaround above.