Exporting prezi to a website with blocking background moves

I want to publish my prezi on the website. My problem is that I need to block Prezi moves, so that slides can move only by clicking right arrow key. Is that even possible?

Sorry Lana, this will not work due to the fact that the “new” Web GL player does not support “Lock to Path” (the 2nd option). This will only work with the “old” Flash Player to which the normal Prezi users do not have access to anymore so easy.

Iza, this is the workaround you could use to prevent viewers from zooming in and out of your Prezi and only use the arrow buttons to move foward / backward:

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

I hope Prezi will fix this bug soon and inform their staff of what is possible and what not.

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