Exporting Prezi video slide decks

Hi guys,
My workflow is to create my slide deck in Prezi video directly. but I would like to save the slide decks I create. So far I cannot find a way to do this. can anybody help?

Hi @Jonathan_McClean, please note that it is not possible to export your slides created in Prezi Video. I would suggest you to create your slides either in Prezi Present or Prezi Design so you can export them easily and use them with Prezi Video as well.

Hope this helps!

i am confused too - i created the entire presentation in video as if it were just a portion of the screen showing with words, icons and gifs. Now i’m not sure what to do — if i create the entire thing in presentation won’t the slides appear as entire slide images vs words or icons along with my camera?

i’m so confused!

Hi @Holly_Smith, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

If you create your presentation in Prezi Present you have full control over where you put your content on the screen, so you can make sure that it does not cover your face when you import it into Prezi Video.

When you are in Prezi Present, you can go to the “Create Video” menu, then select that you want to be visible, then allow your camera - this way you can see your camera image while you edit your content so you can really make sure it works well with your video feed. :slight_smile:

Once you are done with your presentation, you can import it to Prezi Video following this article.

Hope this helps!