Exporting to MP4

Others have requested this feature - being able to export a Prezi to MP4, WMV, or other similar, stand-alone video file.

Any updates on adding this feature? I don’t see it on the new feature log…

Not having this feature is stopping us from being able to use Prezi everywhere we’d like to. For example, we want to run a looping presentation in our lobby on a monitor that accepts only an SD card or USB drive and is not connected to a computer.

Hello Cindy Hauser,

unfortunately this is not available at the moment - I cannot share any future features just yet but hopefully this will be included at some point and announced in the feature log.

Currently you can use screencasting software to make a decent copy of your Prezi for distribution by ther means - there are several types about for Mac and PC some with sound record as well (Google screencasting).

hope this helps



Don’t forget that (if you haven’t already) you can upgrade your license to
get more features (own logo, privacy and more space for your Prezis -

A simple trick might help a lot here. Change the extension of the .pez file to .mp4. Hey presto, play the mp4 in your regular video player.


since this was posted 3 years ago I was wondering if this feature has been fixed and it’s now possible to export to mp4. Does anyone have an idea?


On Mac systems simply use the screen recording feature in the Quicktime Player, quality is pretty decent.