Exporting Transparent PDFs from Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial we’ve explained multiple ways to get export visuals as transparent PDFs that work in Prezi Next. Since SWF and SVG don’t work in Prezi Next, this is the best way to use transparent vector graphics.

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This method does not work

Hi, @Patrick_Taylor. Could you please specify what does not work exactly?

The process linked to in the post does not work. Exporting a PDF using that method does not preserve transparency when imported into Prezi.

That said, I did discover that “flattening” the image in Illustrator, before exporting it as an asset, DOES work, but that step is never mentioned in the article you link to. If you’re going to provide instructions to your users, you might want to make sure they work as written, and you might want to let them know that they need to flatten their object before exporting.

On a different subject. I’m curious, are you EVER going to allow us to use vector-based PDFs as backgrounds? Using anything other than a vector image as a background is useless. People have been asking for this for way over a year now. Do you have any intention of adding this functionality?


– Patrick Taylor



Very true. When you are trying to make something which looks a bit colorful and animated without vector image it gets very blurry. Its probably one of the top 3 demand from prezi user all over the world. We really need this.


@Patrick_Taylor, please know that the post on PDF exporting above was shared by a fellow user. We do appreciate your comment about it, thank you.

Please know that currently there is no update on vector PDF images for background, however, as soon as we have one, we’ll make sure to post it in this topic.