External camera doesn't work through Droidcam

Hi, im using desktop app to make a video conference on Zoom. But the app doesnt recocognice my camera, im using my android phone as camera with an app called DroidCam, but Prezi Video app shows that i dont have any camera connected.

This camera works in chrome version, also works in Zoom, Skype and other apps. I have this problem only with Prezi Video desktop app.

Please help


Hi @Fernando_Orellana_Di, it seems like a new issue. Could you tell me if you are using a Mac or a Windows system? Do you have any screenshots showing the issue?

Hi, I have the same issue here, I’ve started a topic at Prezi video community (no answer so far):

I’m using Windows 10.

Hi @antonio_carregal, thanks for posting this here as well, I’m reporting this to our developers. I’m going to remove your other thread so we don’t have duplicates. :slight_smile:

Is there any kind of error message when you try to use your phone via Droidcam or Prezi Video just simply doesn’t recognise the camera?

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mesmo problemka aqui

Olá @Andrey_Da_Costa_Mose, você poderia nos informar qual é a mensagem de erro que você recebe? Você pode nos enviar uma captura de tela do problema?

same issue here, The prezi app just does not show the droid cam at all, even when updating the camera list

There is no error message, @Bart both with Droid Cam and Droid CamX Pro

(Win 10, latest updates, Android 10 on OnePlus 6

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Exactly, it’s not listed. I’ve even tried to connect the phone to the computer with an USB cable instead of WiFi, but it won’t work. Maybe Prezi considers it as another virtual cam?

Hi @Gregor_Schamschula, @antonio_carregal, thanks for the detailed answer.
I’ll forward this feedback to our developers so they can check on what is the issue.

Estou com igual problema que o Fernando. Uso o aplicativo Desktop Prezi Vídeo para fazer videoconferência no Zoom e Meet, porém o aplicativo não reconhece minha câmera, estou usando meu telefone android como câmera(webcam). Uso dois aplicativos chamado DroidCam e também o Iriun Webcam. O aplicativo Prezi Video não reconhece nenhum dos dois aplicativos. Mostra a mensagem: >> SEM CÂMERAS DISPONÍVEIS - Não foi possível encontrar uma câmera conectada ao seu computador. Por favor, tente conectar uma e atualizar a lista de câmeras. <<