External micros have very low level

I tried several external microphone (Yeti/USB, A lav lapel mic/jack) with the desktop prezi video and each time I got a very low level of sound (even much more with the lapel mic), that what I got with other application such as zoom for example.
Any idea of what mays cause this problem ?
Many thanks for your helm

Hi @jmichelcornu, could you please let me know if you are working on Windows or Mac?
Could you also tell me what kind of troubleshooting have you tried so far?

I work on Windows.
I didn’t found where to manage level of microphone in Prezi Video, so I just tried various microphones. I also up the level in an editing program (Vegas) but as far it was low before, the quality is poor.

Hi @jmichelcornu, could you please check this article for Windows and make sure your microphones are set up correctly?

Are there any microphones where the volume is good?

Thank you, I already check and the microphones are working. But all the levels are low for all of the mic in Prezi Video (some more than others) and so they sounds bad when I increase the level afterward in an editing program…

Hi @jmichelcornu,

Could you please create some example recordings where you could demonstrate the low microphone levels? Could you also make sure you label the videos with the microphone type so we can better check on this issue?

Please keep the original audio without increasing it in an editing program.

microphone Yeti USB with PreziVideo Dropbox - PreziVideo.mp4 - Simplify your life

Lapel microphone jack 3.5 with PreziVideo Dropbox - presentateur.mp4 - Simplify your life

Same Lapel microphone with a camcorder Dropbox - presentateur.mp4 - Simplify your life

Thank you very much for your help

Hi @jmichelcornu, we are checking on this and we’ll reach out to you if we need more info or if we have some updates to share.

Hi @jmichelcornu, we’ve checked this with our developers.

Please note that Zoom does have built-in noise-cancelling and gain control so their audio levels will be higher and less noisy than the one Prezi Video records. I’ve forwarded your feedback to our product team.

Until then I would advise you to add noise reduction on Vegas so you’ll get a more smooth audio channel.

Thank you very much Bart. I will focus on the Yeti microphone (higher output than the lapel mic) and add noise reduction on Vegas as you suggest.