External reading window

Similar to embedding a html in a Prezi windows, able to read the file natively.
Allowing to moove the window, resizeable, with full screen.
But able to read as well : an HTML page, an external pdf, a power point dot resident on the disk or online.
it would give prezi the functionality of a versatile launch platform.
And many users would find themselves using their own existing files, without any particular computer skills…

Hi @Philippe_Aka,
If I understood correctly, most of these features are already available with our Desktop Application.
It is possible to have your presentation in a separate window with Presenter view.
You can also export it for offline use either as a portable presentation or a PDF file.
I hope this information was helpful. :slight_smile:

Not exactly, I wanted to mean that according to web platform already developed or full power point presentation with external links, or flip book presentations that I use also; I think that I may install again, Prezy destop (i used to 5 years ago) or the most valuable version of your soft to discover with your how far I can go with. taking advantage of your assistance, of course.

Hope you understood me now, thank you.

Hi @Philippe_Aka, I’m not sure I understand, I’m sorry. Could you please say an example of this feature?