Extreme lack of functionality

I have given Prezi a while now and realised that my presentations are taking about 3 or 4 times longer than in PowerPoint and it is almost wholly down to the extreme lack of functionality regarding fonts. For example, what is ‘ctrl-u’ in powerpoint, is, in Prezi:

  1. Insert a line
  2. Change colour to black
  3. Adjust thickness of line
  4. Place line under the text

That is insane, same with abscence of superscript, or subscript, or a large range of font sizes etc.

Honestly, it is like someone designed a beautiful piece of software and then just gave up. I am finding myself constantly stalled when making presentations and my workflow continually disrupted by having to find ridiculous work arounds for things that I wouldnt even think about in PowerPoint.

Prezi realistically, in it’s current infuriating form is really only good for the odd presentation you want to stand out. This is just not a piece of software that is realistic for anyone, long term.

NB: I see that users have been asking for the underline capability since 2017 and it is still absent. Like I said, someone made beautiful software and clearly just gave up. Shame.

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Hi Stuart,

Thanks for your candid feedback. I’m sorry we caused you so much disappointment when using Prezi.
We have most of these features (superscript, subscript) on our roadmap (along with thousands of other request). Actually we are just adding more Google fonts to the editor - which will be hopefully available in a couple of weeks.
Regarding font sizes: this is a hard nut when you have a zooming presentation tool. It’s an easy concept in Powerpoint because every slide has the same size, things are proportional to each other. Now in Prezi we have zooming, and it’s not really supporting us using discrete sizes. Because a 12pt font becomes 18pt if you zoom in just a bit. We also have zoom levels (when you zoom on an object, or zoom in to a topic), and these are not objective measures, it all depends on zoom areas that are changeable by the users. We are thinking on a good solution for this for many years (I have spent countless hours to crack it myself), but engineers always help me understand why those are confusing ones.
On the other hand we just implemented a useful feature for you: text size snapping. If you have 2 textboxes in the same zoom area, you can easily make them the same size. Just start enlarging one of the textboxes, and a snapline will tell you when it is the same with the other one. We recommend you using this to align text sizes. I hope it solves at least a subpart of your problems.
textsize snapping

Regarding underlining texts, can you tell me what do you use it for exactly? For emphasizing text items we believe making those bold or bigger in size is a better solution.
Underlining is not a recommended style from typography point of view (Underlining | Butterick’s Practical Typography).

Let me know what you think,