Fade in and zoom in at the same time



I’ve got just another question:

Can I fade in a picture for example and zoom to it at the same time (so I dont have to “click” twice)?

I searched for this online but only found one from Prezi Classic


@Hendryk_Linn I’m afraid currently it is not possible to play two different types of animations at once.

You can fade in multiple objects simultaneously but you either have to fade in and zoom to a picture (or the other way around) in two separate steps.



I believe Hendryk_Linn is more interested in a single click for two animations, and not necessarily running the two animations simultaneously. As a software developer, I think its probably easy to apply two animations with a single click, regardless if they are in parallel or sequentially. The ability to join two or more animation to a single click action is missing and would be a helpful feature.


@JJ_JJ I agree that both options would be useful and will forward this request to the development team.

Even though currently it is not possible to either play two animations simultaneously or play them separately with one click, hopefully, this option will be available in the near future.