Fade-in Bullet Points

I’ve been using Prezi for a couple of days and I have to say that it’s awesome! I’m planning on using it for 2 lectures this weekend.

One feature request that I’d like to make: A way to stagger bullet points. When I go to a slide with bullet points, I don’t want all of them to be visible right away. I’d like each one to appear when I click a button (just like Power Point programs).

Here’s a clip showing what I mean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_QhMR…



Hi there,

I understand what you mean by that, like animations in ppt. Hopefully this will be available soon, however, for now, you will have to use “capture screen” on the path menu, to only show the top bullet point, then scroll down to see the second, press “capture screen” again, etc.

I’ll forward this to our devo team.


Cool, that’s what I ended up doing.

I just wrapped up both of my talks this weekend and Prezi definitely added a lot to my presentations. But the whole time, I was really wishing for a way to make my bullet points appear upon demand or fade in.

I hope yall can add this feature soon.


Wow - I just discovered Prezi and I love it! It is simple, powerful, and elegant.

I want to second Paul’s request. I would love the ability to reveal bullet points (including images) within a frame. I think this would cut down the number of path points I need. I’m trying to not overdo the movement, but I need quite a bit of control over when the information is presented. I think bullet points in a frame would tremendously increase the flexibility that Prezi gives its users.

Glad to hear the topic is under consideration, and thanks again for an amazing product.

I am using prezi to present educational material to high school teachers.
Animations - like fade in and out -
HIghlighting parts of a map
giving bullets that appear one by one

are some of the vital ingredients for a good presentation and will be essential for the survival of Prezi in this field.

although I welcome the innovation and visual strength of Prezi on the whole I am frustrated at not being able to do what I want. Powerpoint is very simple and perfect in this regard.

Not being able to fade in and out puts too much movement into the presentation, making the audience dizzy and exhausted. Problem field.

Please get on to it soon!!

need this functionality, fading in manually one at a time isn’t acceptable.

Has any progress been made on this? I would like this function as well and it’s been 9 months since the last post… unless I missed something this is still not a feature available in Prezi.

So, in other words…it hasn’t been implemented. Making separate text boxes is clunky and infuriating and that was the original complaint. I can’t believe this problem hasn’t been fixed. IT HAS BEEN 8 YEARS SINCE THE ORIGINAL ASK!