Fade-In without Zoom-In

Hi Guys
I’m working on a world map (http://prezi.com/yecmde4jq0uv/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy). I’d like to follow the route by adding from each point the red line (fade-in) and then zoom-in into the frame with some picture from there. Afterwards zoom-out, fade-in the next red line and zoom-in again. All possible solutions I was able to think about had a mean-zoom-in-step with the frame containing the red line. I don’t like that. It should stay on the overview, fade-in the red line and then zoom-in on the place with some pictures about there. Could you please tell me, which version of prezi supports such a scenario?
Thank you

Hi Paul
thank you very much for the answer. 

It’s based on the following Prezi: http://prezi.com/yecmde4jq0uv/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy

  1. First of all, I’d like to start with the world map only
  2. Then, the first red line should appear (Fade-In, no Zoom-In so far)
  3. Then, the first Zoom-In should be done to a frame, which is positioned at the end of the first red line
  4. Zoom-Out to the overview of the world map including the first red line
  5. Fade-In of the second red line
  6. Zoom-In to the end of the second red line, showing some pictures there (with an automatic change/fade-in of around 30 Pictures every 6 second)
  7. Zoom-Out to the overview of the world map including the first and second red line
  8. Fade-In of the third red line
  9. … and so on
    Do you think, it’s makeable with any version of Prezi? Do I need to go for the business one?

Thanks a lot

So basically, the only thing I don’t like about the solution, like I have it now, is the mean-Zoom-In to the frame.
But, I just realized: if I define each frame in the equal size for each additional red line, it seems as if it went back to the original zoom-out - so it’s solved:-)!
Thank you nevertheless for your time!