Fade Out Effect (the text remain visible under the image)

Hi folks.
This kinda drives me crazy in 2019.
The absence of a clear fade out effect. Ok, if you still do not have it in 2019, while it is a simple click in the Prezi Next - fine. But how to do this in Classic otherwise?
I used this example

What do I want?

  1. My text remains visible when I zoom
  2. My text disappears (fades out)
  3. Image fades in.

I cannot properly fade out at all, unless I am missing something, only fade in is there.

I tried multiple options with a white image click. Trying to cover my text with the white jpg image, making text invisible. Does not work.
I tested with a random image and even when it shows up as I want, it does not cover the text, text remains visible.

How to resolve this nightmare? I want to vanish text with white image and then fade in several images.

I would do it in Next, but Next is missing so many other features I need, so none of versions satisfies my basic needs.Prezi